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Ark Storm by Linda Davies

Ark StormGwen Boudain is a meteorologist working on a program she calls Oracle.  She’s hoping she can predict catastrophic storms earlier than any other models to potentially save lives. In order to complete her project she needs funding.

Billionaire Gabriel Messenger offers to fund Oracle in return for her expertise and help building a project that his company is working on. Gwen is initially skeptical of this program that they call Zeus until she witnesses it in person. Gabriel and his employees have discovered a way to create rain by ionizing water molecules in the atmosphere. Gabriel is intent on profiting from this system whereas Gwen wants to use it to help people.

As their work starts to attract unwanted attention, Gwen meets Dan, a journalist and former Navy SEAL. Gwen and Dan soon find themselves in grave danger as they figure out that there’s another person who is interested in Zeus and wants to use it to create an Ark Storm which would devastate and destroy most of California.

Racing against time and running for their lives, Gwen and Dan must discover who is behind this sinister plot before it’s too late.

This ecothriller was fast moving and filled with great characters. I very much enjoyed this book.

– Tina

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