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Eric Hill, “Spot’s Dad”: 1927-2014

Eric Hill, beloved children’s book author and illustrator, passed away on Friday June 6th at the age of 86. We will never forget the contributions that he made to the world of children’s books. He created every preschooler’s favorite puppy named Spot. I remember reading many Spot books to my daughter when she was young. She especially loved the lift-the-flap ones. Spot has not only entertained but also educated millions of young children. According to Penguin, more than 60 million copies of Eric Hill’s titles have been sold around the world. Spot will continue to be a favorite character and live on in our collections and libraries. View the entire list here.

Spot Goes Shopping by Eric Hill Spot Goes Shopping

It’s time to go grocery shopping! Spot accompanies his mom to the grocery store where he helps pick out the eggs, cereal, juice, and cheese. He even has his very own shopping cart. He might get a treat for being such a good helper. Learn more and order here.

Spot’s Favorite Colors by Eric Hill  Spot's Favorite Colors

Preschoolers can join Spot as he learns his colors! Familiar, everyday objects help readers learn each color in this fun, bright board book and the rainbow formed at the end of the book is an exciting surprise. Learn more and order here.

Spot Says Please by Eric Hill  Spot Says Please

Readers can discover how to be polite and when to say please and thank you, along with Spot and his friends. Learn more and order here.

Spot’s ABC by Eric Hill  Spot's ABCs

Learn your ABCs with Spot! Spot helps teach toddlers their alphabet with twenty-six familiar words and objects. Eric Hill’s bright, colorful artwork will attract young readers and help them master their ABCs. Learn more and orderhere.


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