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A Year After Henry by Cathie Pelletier

A Year After HenryGrief is a horrible but unavoidable part of life.  We grieve lose in our lives, but especially those we love.

Set in Maine, Cathie weaves a great story about a flawed man and those who loved him.  Henry Munroe passed away a year ago and his family is trying to move on.  That’s easier said than done.

His widow, Jeanie, realized he was cheating shortly before he died.  His mistress, Evie Cooper, whose complicated personal history of being able to see dead people and working at the local bar, paints some interesting scenes.  His brother, Larry, whose wife has left him, taken his son, and has lost his job, is now a mailman as Henry was and is having a definite breakdown.  Henry’s rebellious son, Chad, is trying to find his way without his larger than life father.

As they approach a memorial service being held a year after Henry’s death, will they ever be able to get over him?

While this book should seem sad, this menagerie of characters makes for a great and surprisingly funny in spots, read.

– Becky

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