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The Family Romanov by Candace Fleming

The Family RomanovAlthough I have no great love for historical novels, since I knew that Nicholas II was the last Russian tsar and wondered about the circumstances that led to the family’s demise, I was drawn to this book.

Incorporating a detailed inspection of the Romanov family, with an understanding of the growing discontent of the ordinary citizens as well as including personal entries from those directly affected by the situations in Russia at the turn of the twentieth century, the reader begins to understand the tragedy that is unfolding.

Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra lived a life of privilege and blindly believed that the peasants enjoyed wonderfully simple lives in cozy huts with fresh air and the freshest food. Since they never visited the villages or engaged in informative conversations with the laborers on their estates, their perceptions were skewed from reality. Wrapped up in their daily lives and keeping the secret of the ill-health of both Alexandria and their only son, Alexei, the heir to the throne, the warnings of an impending revolution fell on deaf ears.

Nicholas adored his wife and valued her opinions and insight. Unfortunately, in her naivety and willingness to believe in mystics, Alexandra often swayed her husband into actions that had negative repercussions.

In addition to the informative narrative, actual photos of both the royal family and ordinary Russian citizens are included in two locations.

Learning about the royal family, following how Rasputin manipulated the family, and understanding how revolutionaries like the Bolsheviks and Lenin could maneuver the masses into the Communist Party is worth the read.

– Amanda

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