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One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

One Plus OneJess has it hard, but she never complains. She works two jobs to support her two kids – Nicky, a teenaged stepson who likes mascara and is being bullied at school for it, and Tanzie, who is precocious and gifted at math. She hasn’t seen her husband in a few years. He left the family to move up north to his mother’s house, claiming debilitating depression kept him from working and supporting them.

Jess finds out her daughter is eligible to enter the most prestigious school in her area and that they will even provide 90% tuition – but she’s so broke she can’t come up with the rest. Tanzie finds out about a competitive math exam that would provide the rest of the money if she passes. If they can get across the country in a few days, she can take the exam. Unfortunately, they don’t have a car.

Enter Ed Nicholls, who literally picks them up by the side of the road and offers to drive them all the way to Scotland. Ed’s on the run from his life in London, where until recently he was a high-flying owner of a startup. That is, until he inadvertently did some insider trading. An eccentric single mom, her two children, and their carsick dog is the last thing he needs…or is it?

Jess’ quirky optimism is infectious and the merry scrapes this little ragtag bunch gets into are hilarious. Highly enjoyable, and a perfect light read.

– Stacey

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