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Landline by Rainbow Rowell

LandlineGeorgie McCool always gets what she wants. Right now, what she really, really wants is the time to finish episodes for a sitcom she started writing with Seth, her best friend since college. They have a chance to make it big with this one – but it will mean working through Christmas, not spending the holiday away from L.A. with her husband, Neal, and their two daughters. This wouldn’t be the first time she’s let Neal down. Her phone calls to him at his parents’ house begin to feel more strained and she realizes that pursuing her own dreams may come at a cost greater than she can afford.

The link between Georgie and Neal is the landline phone in her old bedroom, and she’s convinced it connects her to their younger selves. Flashbacks to how the couple met and fell for each other, sets up Georgie’s journey of self-awareness in the present day. The inevitable conclusion is sweet without being saccharine.

I didn’t quite click with Georgie as a character. It was hard at times to believe her as a 38-year old woman; she seems to have not matured at all since college. Rowell, however, does a terrific job of capturing that feeling of longing and urgency that comes with being in young love, so I was compelled to follow her struggle through to the end. This is definitely recommended for the new adult crowd or those who just like a fun romantic comedy.

– Stacey

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