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My Family and Other Hazards by June Melby

My Family and Other HazardsIt’s always interesting to hear stories of one’s childhood. Usually you can relate on some level (being of the same generation) but it’s not often you run into someone who can brag that they spent their childhood running a mini golf course.

When June Melby turned 10-years-old her parents, both school teachers, made the unlikely decision to spend their summer vacations running a mini golf course in Wisconsin. No matter that they had no prior business experience to speak of or that they had no idea what they were getting themselves and their children into. Far from being all fun and games, maintaining the run-down course was back-breaking work. June and her siblings were expected to make a full contribution spending their days cleaning, painting, repairing, and helping the patrons. When they returned every year, June earnestly hoped it would be the Summer of Fun. No such luck.

The chapters are cleverly designed around the 18 holes of golf and the history behind each hazard on the course. Threaded throughout the story is how June tries to reconcile her love-hate relationship with the place and her overwhelming sadness when her parents finally sell the business after 30 years.

If you enjoy reading memoirs but want to try something a little different this summer, pick up this quirky charmer and relive some of your own favorite childhood memories.


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