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Remains of Innocence by J.A. Jance

Remains of InnocenceLiza Machett’s mother was a terrible mother. Liza cut her off years ago, but when she learns her mother is dying she decides to try to mend the rift between them. Finding that her mother has not changed a bit, Liza goes to her mother’s house to find a cookbook that her mother insists she needs to have.

While there, she finds thousands of hundred dollar bills that were hidden all over the house. Soon after finding the money, Liza’s mother dies and Liza begins fixing up the house to get it ready to sell. The house is nearly complete when someone burns it down.

Other people in her life start dying. She receives a cryptic message from an old man, at her mother’s funeral, and decides to go underground and figure out what is happening and why it appears that she is in great danger (as well as a suspect in the murders). She decides to find her half-brother in Arizona to see what he knows.

Sheriff Joanna Brady lives in Arizona and knows Liza’s brother, although she is unaware of what has happened in Liza’s life recently. She is investigating the homicide of a mentally disabled man that everyone knows and wouldn’t want to hurt. When Liza’s brother is also murdered, Joanna starts digging deeper into his background and discovers that Liza is a suspect in several murders and is on her way to see her brother. While Joanna struggles to juggle her family life and multiple homicides she must get to the bottom of the cases before the murderer strikes again.

This is my second J.A. Jance book and I’m finding them to be quick reads that have just enough mystery to keep you reading to the end.

– Tina

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