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Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

Oliver and the SeawigsOliver is a ten-year-old boy who was born to an adventurous set of parents.  One day, they ran out of things to explore and decided to settle down.

Upon arriving at their vacation home, much to Oliver’s parents’ excitement, islands had appeared out of nowhere!  They didn’t waste any time jumping in the dinghy to go exploring.

After a while, Oliver realized that he hadn’t heard his parents’ voices in quite some time.  He looked out his window and to his surprise, the islands had disappeared.  Oliver wasn’t overly concerned though.  He left a note on the door, in case his parents’ returned, and set off to find his parents.

Only one of the islands hadn’t disappeared, so Oliver headed to it.  While on the island, it moved.  Turns out, the islands aren’t islands at all.  They are stone giants, the Rambling Isles, which are heading to Hallowed Shallows for the Night of the Seawigs.  This is a night where all the Rambling Isles gather and show off their treasure collections that are part of their wig.  The winner of the contest becomes Chief Island for seven years.

The island, aka Cliff, which Oliver is on, however, doesn’t want to go as he has nothing splendid to show.  But Oliver must get to Hallowed Shallows to find his parents!  With the help of a nearsighted Mermaid, Oliver convinces Cliff to go to Hallowed Shallows and promises to help him collect items for his seawig along the way.

Will Oliver be able to find his parents?  Will Cliff win the contest?  Pick up a copy of Oliver and the Seawigs to find out.

Full of adventure, danger, and curious creatures, this is a fantastic read.  The illustrations are basic but wonderful.  I highly recommend this book.

– Amanda

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