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Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

Cop TownAtlanta in 1974 is a brutal, scary place. Racism and prejudice run rampant, women police officers are made fun of and verbally abused by the male officers, and someone is going around killing cops. Five have been killed while on duty by ‘The Shooter’ and the city is in an uproar.

Kate Murphy is thrown into this upheaval on her first day being a cop. She pairs up with Maggie Lawson.  Maggie’s brother and uncle are also cops, possibly dirty ones. When Maggie’s brother, Jimmy, is shot and then considered a possible suspect in the cop murders, Maggie and Kate must start investigating on their own, risking their lives as they try to get to the truth.

I wasn’t particularly fond of any of the characters in this book. They were very crude and I was a bit shocked by it, but I suppose that was the point – to show what it was like for cops (particularly women) in 1974 in a city like Atlanta. The entire story takes place in a week’s time so it moves along very quickly.

This is her first stand-alone novel.  Although this wasn’t my favorite Karin Slaughter book, she has always been on my must read list so I will continue to read her books.

– Tina

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