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Beautiful on the Mountain by Jeannie Light

Beautiful on the MountainSometimes life takes us places we never image we’ll go.  For Jeannie Light, she lived a picture perfect life.  She had a beautiful plantation home in Virginia, when her world came apart.

Suddenly, she finds herself divorced and owning a track of land in the back hollers of Virginia.

As she begins to roll up her shirt sleeves and find her new life, an older gentleman believes she’s the answer to the ghost town’s prayers.  The town calls upon Jeannie to reopen the church that’s been dormant for years.  With no training, she nervously takes on the challenge.

This is a great Inspirational Nonfiction book.  With so many people trying to figure out how to navigate their own personal change, Jeannie is certainly inspiring in the way she handled her change with grace and grit.  This book is definitely Christian in nature, but Jeannie’s story will appeal to many.

– Becky

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