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I Love You More by Jennifer Murphy

I Love You MoreOliver Lane is a busy man. However, he is not busy in the sense that most of us experience. You see, Oliver leads many lives – three to be exact. He has three wives and three children with one on the way. Oh, and of course the wives do not know about each other….or do they?

Oliver’s twelve-year-old daughter Picasso is a very observant child and finds out that her dad isn’t the person she thought he was. Not only that, but she realizes that her mom knows more than she pretends to know. When Picasso discovers that her mom has befriended these two other women in her dad’s life she also discovers a “plan” that they have made together. Picasso is terrified that the plan will be carried out. Mystery and intrigue continue to unfold as you turn the pages of this book.

This book definitely kept me in suspense until the final chapter. Things and people are not always what they seem and this book only emphasizes that fact. It is an excellent read that tells the story from multiple characters’ points of view. It has everything from romance to murder and even a bit of comedy. It is definitely a page turner and I highly recommend it.

– Glenda

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