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The Last Heir by Chuck Greaves

The Last HeirThough this isn’t the first Jack MacTaggart mystery, it’s the first that I have read.  What a great story to start with!  I didn’t figure the whodunit part until the very end.  It had such a wonderful way of keeping you into the story and made you not want to put the book down.

Jack MacTaggart, a defense attorney in the state of California, is hired by Philippe Giroux of the winemaking family of Chateau Giroux wineries. His job is to halt his oldest son from declaring his younger brother deceased after a skiing accident.  It then comes out that Claudia, Philippe’s daughter, is found to be using her brother’s credit card.

After this situation settles down, the older brother, Phil is murdered and Claudia is framed for his murder. She hires Jack to defend her. They do eventually discover who killed Phil and the plot to keep the winery in Philippe’s possession.

This book really does keep you guessing to the very end. Unless of course you read the back first, but you shouldn’t, just enjoy this book as it was meant to be read.

– Ellen

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