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Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall

Land of ShadowsHomicide detective Elouise ‘Lou’ Norton and her new partner, Colin, are called out to a condo construction site for what initially appears to be a teenage suicide.

After viewing the scene, Lou is convinced that this is a homicide not suicide.  As she delves deeper into the case she starts finding more and more evidence that this murder is related to the disappearance of her sister, Tori.

Thirty years ago, Tori and Lou walked to the store where Tori was caught shoplifting. Lou was terrified and immediately ran home. That was the last time she ever saw her sister. Obsessed with finding out what happened to Tori, Lou will go to any lengths to find the murderer.

With her job and marriage on the line, Lou will not give up.  As she gets closer to the truth she also gets closer to a violent killer who already has her in his sight.

I enjoyed the characters in this book and the story moved along very well. I’ll definitely be watching for more books from this author.

– Tina

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