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Another Day as Emily by Eileen Spinelli

Another Day as EmilyThe main character is a girl named Suzy.  She has a goldfish named Ottilie that she talks to about her day.  Suzy has a best friend named Allison.  They make a great team and are like sisters.  Allison is very girly and wants to be an actress.  Suzy is more tomboyish, and like sports.  Her favorite team is the Phillies.

Throughout the book, Suzy had a lot of things going on.  Allison wanted her to audition for a play.  They did a scene together, Allison got the part, but Suzy didn’t.  Suzy’s brother Parker went missing on her birthday.  Her dad promised to take her to a Phillies game, but she missed the game since her brother was missing.

Suzy was tired of being herself and just wanted to be someone else.  So she decided to become Emily.  Emily was a shy girl, who always wore white.  She would write letters instead of having a conversation.  She had a dog named Carlo and always stayed in her room.

Eventually, Suzy missed her life and decided that being Emily was too lonely.  Once she decided to go back to being herself, good things started happening.

I really like this book, because it is divided into poem stanzas, but it is not a poem.  There are no chapters, but there are mini sections that have sub headings, so it helps keep your attention.  Each section is split up and the sub heading lets you know what that section is going to be about.

This is a good book, and I would recommend it for children ages 8-12.

– Rose

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