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Tuesday Tucks Me In by Luis Carlos Montalván

Tuesday Tucks Me InThis is the story of how a special dog was paired up with a war veteran to make him feel complete.

The dog, Tuesday, is a specially trained dog that helps Luis with everyday activities from reminding him to take his medicine to getting him his cane. Tuesday even sleeps beside Luis to help control the nightmares, called flashbacks, which he has from his time in the war.

Luis takes care of Tuesday every day also, he brushes him from the top of his head to the end of his tail. Luis also brushes Tuesday’s teeth and takes him to the park where he gets to be with other dogs.

There are service dogs for all kinds of people. They help them to live more independent lives. And although becoming a service dog is a lot of hard work, the human-animal relationship is very strong and rewarding.  What a beautiful story.

– Ellen

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One thought on “Tuesday Tucks Me In by Luis Carlos Montalván

  1. Judy Neillie on said:

    My husband was recently deployed to Afghanistan. We have a golden retriever and I do not know how I would have survived the deployment without her. We were not married when we adopted Wrigley. We laughed about having ‘joint custody’ because we didn’t even live together. 5 months after we adopted her, I had a massive stroke. I was in a coma for almost 2 months and Leo took care of Wrigley. I can’t imagine what that dog has been through in her short little life! While Leo was deployed, Wrigley slept with me every night. I talked to her, I cried in her fur, I hugged her and petted her – she was such a comfort to me and I do not know how I would have survived without her. Our bond is incredible and I can only imagine how Luis and Tuesday feel. My husband is back home now – after 15 months! – and he got me “Tuesday Tucks Me In” for my birthday. I love the story, I love the pictures, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. Thank you so much for sharing.

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