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Resistant by Michael Palmer

ResistantDr. Lou Welcome is a recovering drug and alcohol addict who is now an ER doctor in D.C. His best friend and sponsor, Cap, is a longtime friend who has helped him through the worst times of his life.

Lou and Cap are at a medical conference in Atlanta and they decide to go trail running. When Cap is hurt during the run, Lou draws upon all of his medical experience to try to save him. After safely getting Cap to the hospital and on his way to recovery Lou must go back to D.C. to try to save his job.

While fighting for his job, and trying to raise money to take care of Cap’s medical bills, Lou gets a phone call that Cap has developed a serious infection in his leg. Lou immediately flies back to Atlanta and finds out that the news is worse than he thought. Cap has the newly dubbed flesh eating ‘Doomsday Germ’ that has infection specialists in a panic since the virus has mutated and is now resistant to all antibiotic treatments.

People have started dying and they have not found a cure yet. Lou must do everything in his power to find a way to save his friend.

As expected, Palmer’s newest medical suspense thriller is a great one! The action is nonstop from beginning to end. I really enjoyed a lot of the characters in this book.  Highly recommended!

– Tina

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