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Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro

Cutting TeethLate in the summer, a group of “mommies’’ and a couple of the dads decide to take a trip to the beach together with their children. Each of them has issues, either in their personal lives or in their marriages, but they all put on a front.

Nicole suffers from severe anxiety. Her husband is not happy about her phobias (which are many!) and is constantly asking her if she needs to go back to the doctor or if she is taking her meds. She lies to him; she quit her medicine weeks ago, but struggles to keep it together for the sake of her son.

Susanna and Allie are the only two-mommy couple along on the trip. They have twin boys, are about to have a daughter, and should be extremely happy with their lives, but there are major issues brewing between them that are not being addressed.

Rip is the stay at home dad in the group. All the women love him and treat him just like another mommy. Rip is desperate to have another baby, but cannot get his cold as ice wife to agree.

Tiffany is the sanctimommy of the group, but is also the wildest and most outrageous of them all. After a few too many drinks, nobody knows what is going to come out of Tiffany’s mouth.

Leigh is the calm one of the group and Tiffany’s best friend. But, when they start fighting over Leigh’s nanny, things take a turn for the worst and the weekend is anything but pleasant.

The dynamics between the group will explode over their vacation weekend. Will they be able to push past the things that are said and done and stay friends or will their friendships end forever?

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and the characters. It’s a step away from the suspense thrillers I usually read, but I would recommend it to anyone.

– Tina

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