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The Dominion Key by Lee Bacon

The Dominion KeyJoshua Dread is no longer the nameless heroes, so on the last day of summer vacation, Josh is with his friends, Milton, Sophie and Miranda at the mall looking at the back to school sales. When they are attacked in the food court, by Grifter and Lunk, two of nFinity’s newest goons, it becomes clear they are no longer safe.

It’s not long after this attack that it is decided that the kids will be sent to a special school, the same school that their parents went to. The Alabaster Academy is the country’s oldest and best boarding school for Gyfted youth.

After a lengthy trip to get the Academy, which includes a ferry ride, they arrive to a rain drenched island in the Atlantic. The Academy, even with top-notch security and all the gifted kids, is eventually attacked.

One of the professors, along with a mechanical duck, helps them to escape.  Hoping to hang out and relax a bit, at the professor’s cabin, they are confronted by nFinity and his gang of bad guys.   A mysterious key, that will enable complete world domination for whoever possesses it, is their only hope for survival.

The Dominion Key is a very interesting book. Anyone looking for a bit of adventure will enjoy this. I look forward to what trouble will find Josh and his friends again and to find out if they will be safe.

– Ellen

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