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A Season to Remember by Carson Tinker

A Season to RememberI’ve recently entered the college football world.  I have some dear friends that love LSU, Oklahoma State, and Penn State, so when I saw A Season to Remember, I was intrigued.  How did Alabama win after such devastating loss just a few months earlier?

All of us have losses in life and Carson Tinker experienced tremendous loss on April 27, 2011 when a horrible tornado ripped through Tuscaloosa.  He lost his girlfriend, his home, everything but the clothes on his back and his pickup truck.  He would have to battle back to being a snapper on his team.

Carson shares the stories of others around him and how win by win, on and off the football field and filled with a positive attitude and plenty of heart, not only the Crimson Tide but all of Tuscaloosa, came back.

Since Carson’s faith is a huge part of this book, I would definitely classify this as Christian Nonfiction.  However, Carson’s love of football and the strength exhibited by him and his teammates will appeal to anyone who loves a story of perseverance.

– Becky

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