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The Lovely and the Lost by Page Morgan

The Lovely and the LostWhat an amazing story. I wish I had read the first book in the series not because you need to read it to understand the book, but because this is just a good read.

This family is so full of surprises. There’s the twins, Grayson and Ingrid, who have been given angel and demon blood soon after birth.  Their younger sister Gabby who wants to train to become a warrior to protect those she loves and the streets of Paris. Then there is their mother who has come to accept what has become of their children and their father who joins the family in Paris but refuses to accept the unusual things his family is going through.

The most incredible thing of all is the gargoyles that protect them all. Unfortunately, darkness follows the Waverlys. Darkness though, can come in a form that is trusted the most.

I believe I will have to get a copy of the first book just to find out how Grayson, Ingrid, and Gabby came to discover what they were and what they can do.

– Ellen

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