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Desperate by Daniel Palmer

DesperateAfter losing children under tragic circumstances and then having a miscarriage, Gage and Anna are desperate to have a baby. Fate intervenes when they meet Lily, a young woman who has just been kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend after telling him of her pregnancy. After making an agreement with Lily to adopt her unborn baby, they invite her to move into an empty apartment attached to their home so they can take care of her throughout her pregnancy.

Gage has a secret addiction to pills and a very high pressure job. When Lily’s boyfriend, Roy, comes back and moves in with her strange things start to happen around their house. Gage gets a very bad vibe from Lily and her boyfriend and his suspicions start to cause animosity between him and Anna. Anna is so desperate for a baby that she is willing to ignore the fact that she has a felon living in her house and she blames Gage, thinking that he is backing out on having a baby.

When Gage gets pulled into a dangerous situation with Roy, things start spiraling out of control and Gage is in way over his head. He must make some very difficult decisions to save his marriage and his life.

There was a lot going on in this book, but it was done so well I was able to easily follow along. The ending was a shock to me; I definitely did not see that coming!  I added Daniel Palmer to my must read list years ago. If you love suspense thrillers, I highly recommend that you do the same. A+

– Tina

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