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The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water by Gemma Merino

The Crocodile who didn't like waterA crocodile that doesn’t like water but prefers to climb trees is quite a site indeed.  He tries hard to like water so that he can fit in with his brothers and sisters.  He evens saves up his tooth money to buy a swim ring so he could play with them in the water.

No matter how hard he tries to fit in, he just can’t bring himself to like water – it’s wet and cold.  He tries one final time, without his swim ring, but just can’t do it.  While sitting in the water, upset and alone, something strange happens.  His nose begins to tickle and when he sneezes, something very hot flies out his nostrils!

Turns out, he’s not a crocodile at all!  What in heavens could he be?  Pick up this very adorable book and read it to your child to find out.  Your child will smile, giggle, and enjoy the book, just as you will.

– Amanda

Order in Bibz.


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