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Black Lies, Red Blood by Kjell Eriksson

Black Lies, Red BloodSwedish policewoman Ann Lindell is a great detective. She has solved many mysteries, worked multiple cases and has even gone so far as to take time off her maternity leave to discover a vicious murderer. Ann’s personal life has never been so great. Until she meets Anders Brant, a journalist that Ann has a great intimate relationship with.

Anders mysteriously disappears and a homeless man’s body is found with his phone number in his pocket. Ann must determine what is more important telling her partner about her connection with Anders or keeping quiet and trying to locate him herself. At the same time Ann is refusing to give up on a missing teenage girl’s case.

The importance of these two cases is they may be linked to each other and Ann’s boyfriend may have been on to this in his own investigating. Will Ann be able to solve these two crimes?

This is another great story by Kjell Eriksson involving detective Ann Lindell. This, and his other stories of Ann’s detective work, is well worth reading.

– Ellen

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