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Sleep Tight, Anna Banana! by Dominique Roques and illustrated by Alexis Dormal

Sleep Tight, Anna BananaAnna is up late reading, but her stuffed-animal friends Zigzag, Fuzzball, Pingpong, Fuzzface, Whaley, and Grizzler are tired and want Anna to shut out the light. Anna’s book is too fascinating, frightening, hilarious, and gripping to put down, so the stuffed animals attempt to escape but their efforts are thwarted by Anna’s quick reflexes. The animals must begrudgingly endure the late night until finally Anna yawns, slips under her comforter, and turns out the light.

As soon as Anna drifts off to slumber, the stuffed animals enact their spiteful lesson by playing loud music, jumping on the bed, and playing games until Anna, cranky and tired, loses her temper. The stuffed animals ask her, “Why are you Upset? You kept us from sleeping too.” With the empathetic realization that everyone need’s their rest, Anna apologizes, kisses her stuffed animals, and finally snuggles in for a sound sleep with her fuzzy friends.

Sleep Tight, Anna Banana! is an endearing story with choppy quips and expressive illustrations that convey a big story within a little book. I love that it encourages children to see all the excitement within books, as well as teaches a moral lesson about respecting the needs of others’ surrounding them. This is a great story to read to a child before bedtime.

– Elizabeth

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