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Armond Goes to a Party by Nancy Carlson and Armond Isaak

Armond Goes to a PartyKids are so inquisitive, but it’s hard for them to sometimes figure out why another child is different.  All kinds of questions can go through their heads.  If another kid is sick with cancer, will I catch it, etc.  So when I found this book about a young boy with Asperger’s I was intrigued.

We see, through the eyes of a young boy with Asperger’s, Armond join along in a noisy kid’s birthday party.  This is definitely a place he would rather not be.

I think this will be a great story to share in your library for story time and for parents looking for an easy way to answer the question of why doesn’t Armond like parties like I do.  It will also give parents/teachers a great story of indifference to share with their children.  This is an awesome picture book on Asperger’s and even the youngest readers will be able to follow along.  I would add this to my shelf today.

– Becky

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