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Steal the North by Heather Brittain Bergstrom

Steal the NorthKate, a single mother who ran away from her past and the almost cult-like religion of their fundamentalist church, must now encourage her 16 year old daughter to return to Washington State.  Emmy, who was under a year old when they left, doesn’t remember any of these things.  She also doesn’t know of the existence of her mom’s sister Aunt Beth and Beth’s husband, Matt.

She is to stay with Aunt Beth and Uncle Matt.  Once Emmy is there, she comes to love them and is encouraged to participate in a faith healing for her Aunt Beth. Beth has tried many times to have a child and feels that this is her last chance to carry to term and have the baby she so desperately wants.

In the meantime, Emmy meets the next door neighbor, a Native American boy named Reuben. They end up falling in love and eventually are torn apart when Kate returns to take her daughter back to California.

This is a novel of young love.   For Emmy, it’s a love for an unknown family, the land which she was born to and the boy who comes to mean so much.  It’s also a novel of how one woman’s lies and past can devastate a young couple and possibly doom them to repeat her mistakes.

– Ellen

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