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Adopt, Don’t Shop: National Puppy Day is March 21

Are you thinking about adopting a dog?  Now might be the perfect time!  March 21st is National Puppy Day!  Read from this mix of fiction and nonfiction titles for all ages which focus on owning and caring for a puppy.  There are guides on choosing, raising, grooming, and training your puppy as well as stories about adorable puppy antics.  There are even titles about puppy fashion. Puppies are cute and cuddly but also require a lot of work so make sure you do your research before adopting the next member of your family.   View the entire list here.

Pup-Pup-Puppies by Bonnie Bader Pup pup puppies

This is a helpful photo guide for kids to learn about various dog breeds, how they grow, and how to properly care for them. Learn more and order here.

A Puppy for Kevin by Liesbet SlegersPuppy for Kevin

Kevin is so excited for the big day when he can go pick up his new puppy.  Finally the day arrives, and he gets to bring home his new best friend.  Kevin takes great care of his puppy. He feeds him, gives him water, house trains him, takes him to puppy school, plays with him, and most importantly loves him. Learn more and order here.

What Puppy? by Sara JohnWhat Puppy

A profile of 100 of the most popular dog breeds by respected breeder Sara John.  The book includes information on their temperament, growth, coat, and eating habits so that you can select the right breed to fit your lifestyle.  Learn more and order here.

DIY Dog Grooming, from Puppy Cuts to Best in Show by Jorge Bendersky   DIY Dog   

A practical step by step guide, with photos, that will teach you how to groom your pet.  You’ll learn how to bathe and trim your dog, and much more.  Helpful information is given on the benefits of grooming your pet besides the obvious plus of not having to pay a professional groomer.  You can help your dog be clean, healthy, sociable, and create a special bond with them by following these steps.   Learn more and order here.


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