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Things A Little Bird Told Me by Biz Stone

Things a Little Bird Told MeBiz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter and one of Time’s Most Influential People in the World, tells his story of self-created risks and opportunities that lead him through the failures and successes that have ultimately defined his life.

Stone has a humorous and witty tone that connects with the reader and takes away any false pretenses of a grandiose or pompous nature one may expect from one of the world’s most influential and successful figures. Instead, the author conveys himself in a blatantly honest way- exposing his shortcomings and failures, a practice he also implemented with his business when Twitter was in the introductory phases. The reason for this, he says, is because it is human to fail and make mistakes so it makes himself and his technology very relatable to everyone.

Stone’s story is an inspiring one.  He came from a single-parent home, lived in his mother’s basement during early adulthood, dropped out of college, and dug himself into very severe credit card debt.  He was not born into a wealthy or powerful family and some may even call his life a rags-to-riches story.  However, Stone offers up his secrets to success and opportunities.  One of the main lessons, he says, is that life is not about finding the opportunities but creating them instead. He encourages readers to take bigger risks and to move out of their comfort zones, while reminding them that they cannot achieve the full potential of a risk unless they are willing to accept the consequences of failure. While the average person may define failure in a negative way, the optimistic Stone considers it another opportunity to come up with something better.

This was an inspiring book and a great motivator for anyone who is interested in pursuing a creative or entrepreneurial lifestyle.

– Elizabeth

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