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Patient for Pumpkins by Linda L. Knoll

PumpkinI love as the weather warms up you can head to the local grower’s or farmer’s markets.  They crop up everywhere.  So when I saw a really colorful children’s book Patient for Pumpkins due out in April I was truly intrigued.

This is a great story of a boy who thinks he’s going to get a pumpkin at the farmer’s market in April, but instead finds a ton of other things to try while he’s waiting for his pumpkin.  As the young boy wanders the market with his Dad, he gets to try cool things like different berries, broccoli, and artichokes.  As we are told the progress of the pumpkin at the farm, the boy makes more trips to the farmer’s market with his Dad buying more fresh items.

This is a really great way for you to introduce seasonal local products to children in a very kid friendly manner.  The way Knoll sets the scene of music playing and people crowding the streets was wonderful.  I can’t wait until the farmer’s markets are open in our neck of the woods.

– Becky

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