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Children’s Book Week: May 12-18, 2014: Cover to Cover, Coast to Coast

Let’s get kids reading during Children’s Book Week, May 12-18th, 2014!  The Cover to Cover, Coast to Coast theme encompasses both fiction and nonfiction titles that explore the United States and their unique cities.  Kids and teens can “travel” from coast to coast and learn about history, sights, sounds, plants, animals, haunted places, as well as stories about or that take place in famous American cities. Readers will be transported to places they’ve never been!  View the entire list here.

The Kid’s Guide to Washington, DC by Eileen OgintzKids Guide

This is the perfect guide to planning a family trip to our nation’s capital! Kids will be engaged with fun facts, travel tips, and games that are included in the book, and will love exploring the city when you visit the kid-approved sights and restaurants. Learn more and order here.

Larry Gets Lost in Boston by John SkewesLarry Gets Lost in Boston

Larry the dog always seems to get separated from his owner Pete, and this time it’s in the city of Boston. The adorable pup goes on quite an adventure, visiting historic landmarks and learning fun facts about the city, before being reunited with his family. Learn more and order here.

National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A.: The Most Amazing Sights, Scenes, and Cool Activities from Coast to Coast by The National Geographic SocietyNational Geographic Kids

Get kids excited about visiting the national parks!  This is an informative and fun guide to 24 national parks within the United States. It includes information on history and wildlife, as well as family-friendly attractions. Also included are activities and games so the kids will never get bored!  Learn more and order here.

Lone Wolves by John E. SmelcerLone Wolves   

16-year-old Deneena wants to learn all she can about her Native Alaskan language, history, and folklore from her grandfather.  No one understands her connection to her heritage or nature and they ridicule her desire to participate in the Great Race or Iditarod, a seminal 1,000-mile dog-sled competition. She enters with an outcast wolf as her lead dog, in hopes to prove her worth and win the prize.  Learn more and order here.


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