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Miss Emily by Burleigh Mutén

miss emilyGeared for ages seven to ten, Miss Emily is an adventure tale with four friends and Miss Emily, told by MacGregor “Mac” Jenkins.

The book opens with an invitation to join Miss Emily in the garden.  There is some heated debate between the boys and girls as the invitation says “Dear Boys.”  Mattie, Miss Emily’s niece, is quick to point out that Miss Emily calls them all boys.  When they arrive, Miss Emily tells the children that she has news and a plan.

She tells a riddle that gives them a clue to her secret plan.  Without much time to allow for an answer, she divulges that the circus is coming to town.  Each year, the circus cars arrive at midnight and Miss Emily feels she is the solitary witness to their arrival. This year, she wants the children to join her.  They will all become gypsies and sneak out of their homes, dressed in character, with new names to match their costumes. 

As they reach their destination and settle in, Miss Emily tells the children a tale of a horse named Edward who wanted to fly.  As she is telling the tale, the train whistle blows.  They hurry towards the corner wall to wait for the people and animals to unload. 

All at once, the station becomes alive with noises and crowds.  Suddenly, one of the performers catches them standing there!  Will the children and Miss Emily get in trouble?  Will the children be able to go to the circus?  What will happen to Miss Emily?

Beautiful and simple black and white illustrations are depicted in each chapter of the book.  Be sure to add this one to your collection, as children of all ages will find it easy to get lost in the adventure.


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