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Precious Thing by Colette McBeth

precious thingThis debut thriller by Colette McBeth tells the story of a dark and twisted friendship between Rachel and Clara that began when they were teenagers. This book is told in a second person point of view that I didn’t particularly like because I thought it made it hard to follow the story, but it was still a good book.

Clara and Rachel were best friends throughout their school years, but when Clara turns 18 something happens that she isn’t able to handle and she has a breakdown. She is sent to a psychiatric hospital for awhile and Rachel has not seen or talked to her in 7 years.

Now in their late twenties, Rachel is a successful TV reporter and Clara’s life seems to be out of control. But, when Clara wants to start spending time with Rachel again, Rachel is pleased to renew their friendship. She is cautious though since Clara has changed and doesn’t seem much like herself anymore.

When Clara suddenly disappears, everyone, including Rachel, is looking for her and fears the worst. But, as weird things begin happening to Rachel she starts wondering if she ever knew Clara as well as she thought she did. As Rachel starts looking back over the past and the secrets that her and Clara had, she finds out that her entire life was a lie.

You’ll be left wondering who the crazy one in this story is.


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