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Fates by Lanie Bross

fatesWith catch phrases on the book like “What if your destiny was to kill the one you love?” and “There will be no miracles today,” how could you not want to pick this up?

We meet Corinthe, the antagonist, in creepy fashion.  She’s lurking in the hallway of her new school looking for a ride home.  The school principal, who is the only one left for the day, begrudgingly gives her a ride.  It will be her last mistake.

Corinthe, as we learn, is a Fate.  She was exiled to Earth (Humana as they call it) from her home of Pyralis.  She is being punished for losing a marble, someone’s fate, and is serving her time as an Executioner.  Pyralis and the Unknown Ones control the fate of humans and see to it that they fulfill their destiny.  Over the course of her punishment, she is slowly becoming human.

She’s never felt something for another human before, but when Lucas enters the picture that slowly begins to change.  We meet Lucas shortly after the car accident.  As you can guess, the pair end up falling for each other, but their destiny is that one must die.

Other key players are Jasmine, Lucas’ sister; Miranda, Corinthe’s Guardian on Earth; and Rhys, the Healer.

Fates is a wild journey across different dimensions, with plenty of twists and turns, a bit of sappy love, and loads of creatures to keep the reader entertained.

– Amanda

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