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The Ogallala Road by Julene Bair

ogallala road

My husband and many friends of mine have traveled to some poorer areas of the world and seen the scarcity in natural resources we take for granted, such as running water and electricity.  Therefore, Julene Bair’s memoir fascinated me. Julene has inherited a part of a farming empire in the Smoke Valley of Kansas.  Her father always commanded and always wished that she would “Hang on to your land.”  
However, her family has been depleting the sole source of water on their farm for years. The story opens as she is viewing her family’s farmland and evaluating all of the changes throughout the years.  Also, she’s worried about her son’s heritage as a single mom.  
This is truly a personal tale of the Midwest including a love story – although bittersweet. Also, this story serves as a reminder that our resources are precious and we are completing responsible for how we use them. 
– Becky Roupp
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One thought on “The Ogallala Road by Julene Bair

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety on said:

    Excellent….thanks for sharing your recommendation.

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