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Dream Dog by Lou Berger & David Catrow

dream dogHarry’s father, due to working in a pepper factory, had a very twitchy and sensitive nose.  His family couldn’t have a dog because it made him sneeze.  In an attempt to make Harry happy, his dad brought home a lizard.  Harry tried to love it, but it just wasn’t a dog and gave it to his friend.

One day, Harry had an idea.  He put on his X-35 Infra-Rocket Imagination Helmet to create a dog with his brain.  As he hummed, the dog of his dreams appeared.  Finally, Harry had his best friend!  Harry and Waffles did everything together, from running to playing hide-and-seek.

Harry’s world was about to change forever.  His father sneezed during an important meeting at work, but it was no ordinary sneeze.  Pencils, coffee cups, donuts, paper clips and even his boss in his swivel chair were blown around the room.  Harry’s father was asked to leave the factory forever.

His father, a week later, found another job.  Working at the local Ping-Pong ball warehouse made all the difference to Harry’s dad’s nose.  On Harry’s birthday, his father brought him home a big surprise.

A real dog!  Now Harry has 2 dogs!  What happens now?  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

The illustrations are colorful – in most aspects of the word.  Coupled with the text, this book is a must read for children.  It will make you and your child smile and giggle.

– Amanda

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