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Runner by Patrick Lee

runnerI’m always a bit sad when I reach the end of a book that really drew me in – a book so good that you never want it to end. Then, when it does, all you can think about is how you can’t wait for the next book to come out. Well, this book was one of those for me. I have read (and loved) all of the previous novels by this author and Runner did not disappoint. Patrick Lee is definitely on my must read list.

Sam Dryden is an ex-military man who is drifting through life only doing what it takes to get by. After losing his wife and daughter five years ago, Sam doesn’t feel like he has much to live for anymore. But, one sleepless night while he’s out jogging on the boardwalk, he runs into a little girl, Rachel, who is running for her life and begs him to help her. Without knowing what he’s getting into Sam makes a split second decision and goes on the run with her.

Rachel is unable to remember anything from her life except the two months prior to meeting Sam. She knows that she has been held captive and sedated with drugs. She knows that she has special abilities and that there is something coming that makes her afraid. While her and Sam wait for her memory to return they must stay sharp and use all of Sam’s military training to stay one step ahead of Rachel’s captors.

Even though he knows that Rachel may be dangerous, Sam will do whatever it takes to save her.


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