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Long Man by Amy Greene

long manThis is a story of roots – deep roots. Some roots run so deeply that we would make sacrifices for them. In this book, Annie Clyde Dodson has her roots buried deeply in her family homestead where she lives with her husband James and three year old daughter Gracie.

Set in the 1930’s, a river called Long Man has run through the Appalachian town of Yuneetah for generations. However, the Tennessee Valley Authority has plans to dam the river and flood the town to bring electricity and jobs to the area. Most of the town has been evacuated with the exception of a few hold-outs, one of which is Annie Clyde Dodson who has dreamed of her daughter being able to grow up and live on the same farm and fields as her ancestors for generations have. Even Annie’s husband James is willing to leave to make a fresh start in a new town with a new job. However, he may have to do that without his wife and daughter. Annie Clyde is determined to stay until they literally have to drag her out.

Holding on to this dream is consuming the family. Until one day something happens that changes James’ and Annie’s world. Their precious Gracie disappears with only days left until the town is flooded. With the waters coming and a homeless vagrant who comes and goes through the town wandering the area what is most important quickly changes. Will Gracie be found before it is too late? When your most precious possession is threatened, what was once considered the extremely important can suddenly change.

This book really hits home for me as I am currently living in the home I grew up in and can understand the feelings that would be involved if that home were suddenly threatened by the local government. Long Man reminds us to step back and look at what is truly important to us in the end.


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