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Insight Adult Hardcover – March 2014

With our vast, in-depth Insight Adult Hardcover list, you will be able to peruse new titles in a variety of genres. Between thrilling suspense, romantic love stories, historical studies, and self-help books, our adult titles will help you embrace a new subject matter that could end up being your favorite for years to come. Additionally, the range of authors we feature provide interesting takes on the emotional capacity of characters as well as the real-life obstacles featured in nonfiction works. View samples below or the entire list.

All Our Names by Dinaw Mengestu all our names

In the midst of a war-torn Africa, two men must learn to cope with their surroundings outside of their comfortable university walls. The revolution leads to the friends splitting up; one posing as an exchange student in America and one forced in the conflict of the war. The story focuses on the man in America who ends up falling in love with a social worker while he is plagued by his memories of the war and his old friend. Learn more and order here.

Black Moon by Kenneth Calhounblack moon

An unconventional love story unravels in a world experiencing a wave of sleeplessness. Despite the hoards of half-crazed insomniacs roaming around, Matt Biggs somehow still finds a way to sleep. Once his wife runs out on him, he is left to face a new world with intriguing characters, including a sleeping pill dealer and somnologist fighting to keep their love alive. Learn more and order here.

The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap by Matt Taibbithe divide

Matt Taibbi examines our current economic system due to the effects of the widening wealth gap. He argues that the wealthy are indeed receiving free passes from fraud and poverty becomes criminalized because of this divide. With an unfair level of perks being distributed to the rich, the American justice system and surveillance measures are left unbalanced and incarceration rates experience conflicting trends. Learn more and order here.

American Saint: The Life of Elizabeth Seton by Joan Barthelamerican saint

Elizabeth Seton turns to Catholicism while on a desperate search for a tuberculosis cure to save her suffering husband. Her role in the church is heightened when she questions women’s rights among this particular religious ideology. To this day, women question the male hierarchy in the Catholic Church, and as a major contributor to this movement, Elizabeth Seton’s life story serves as an engaging and insightful read. Learn more and order here.


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