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Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan

glitter and glueI love reading Kelly Corrigan. We are about the same age and have that shared history of what life was like growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Her newest offering, Glitter and Glue, falls along the same lines and thus feels like catching up with an old friend again. In this tender and funny homage, Kelly reveals her true feelings about the person she never thought in a million years would be her beacon and guiding light outside of childhood: her mother Mary. It’s no secret that Kelly was very close to her dad in her younger years as her mother existed quietly on the sidelines. Only when Kelly travels to Australia to find adventure (eventually settling on being a nanny to a widower with two young children) does she discover how much of an influence her mother played in her moral and emotional development.

A few years ago “WWJD?” became a wildly popular part of the American lexicon. This memoir runs along the same lines by asking the question “WWMD”—What Would Mary Do? Indeed, my favorite parts of the book are when Mary’s advice or comments suddenly appear, like those Pop Up Video messages that were so prevalent on VH1 back in the day (Mary’s words are shown in italics so you know when she is “speaking”.) In a weirdly comforting way those words and phrases sound exactly like my own mother which sort of freaks me out but also reinforces that widespread notion that mothers truly know best.

This wonderful story will ring true for so many readers that it would make a great book club group discussion. It’s for anyone who has a close bond  with their mother or wishes that they did.


Order in Bibz.


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