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Moving Target by J.A. Jance

moving targetMy intentions were to dive into J.A. Jance’s work a long time ago, but other titles always served as a distraction. Regardless, as the first Jance book I have read, Moving Target is pretty good. Jance’s story flowed at a decent pace and the characters were likable (still wondering what B. stands for!). Even though this book is part of the Ali Reynolds series, you can read it as a standalone novel. The story alone is good without the back stories from some of the characters.

Lance Tucker is a teenage computer genius who was railroaded into a jail sentence at 17 years old. While serving out his punishment, Lance is attacked and badly burned by someone in the prison. B. Simpson- Ali Reynolds’ fiancé- had a hand in putting Lance in jail and feels bad about what has happened to him. Suspicious of the circumstances, B. starts to investigate the attack and finds the situation is far more dangerous than he could have imagined.

In the meantime, Ali is helping her longtime friend Leland find out what really happened to his father long ago. Disowned by him, Leland has never been able to come to terms with his father abandoning him. As he and Ali begin looking into the death of his father, they discover that nothing is as it seems.

I look forward to picking up other books by J.A. Jance.


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