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Doing Harm by Kelly Parsons

doing harmSteve Mitchell is a happily married surgeon finishing out his residency in one of the best hospitals in Boston. He spends his days supervising med school students and participating in important surgeries. After making a fatal mistake during a surgery he is reprimanded and in danger of losing his dream job. Then, another mistake causes him to be suspended from hospital privileges altogether. At first, Steve just goes along with his punishment and accepts the blame, but then his mind starts to clear and he realizes that the latest mistake was not his fault and he is being set up.

With his marriage on the rocks, Steve teams up with one of his med students, Luis, a former military elitist, and they quickly figure out that what is happening is no accident. The killer is a brilliant psychopath with no remorse for his/her actions. In fact, this person gives them clues and then challenges Steve to try and stop the next killing.  With the killer threatening his family and his job on the line, Steve must figure out who the next victim is before it’s too late.

This debut novel by Kelly Parsons is a fast-paced thriller that will pull you in and not let go until the very last page.


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