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The Deepest Secret by Carla Buckley

the deepest secretEve Lattimore’s life revolves around caring for her teenage son, Tyler. She has sacrificed her career and relationships to keep her son alive. Tyler has a rare medical condition that confines him to his house during the day. He is fatally sensitive to light, making him a prisoner of his home until night time.  In the darkness, Tyler prowls around the neighborhood taking pictures and spying on the neighbors. Although Eve tries to constantly monitor Tyler to make sure he is taking every precaution, there are times that she’s distracted and isn’t watching him every minute.

When a little girl goes missing in the neighborhood everyone is a suspect. Days go by and nobody has seen Tyler’s 11 year old friend Amy. Eve is best friends with Amy’s mother, Charlotte, and spends much of her time comforting her and helping in the search. But, Eve is keeping a terrible secret that is destroying her. The lengths she will go to keep this secret is sort of appalling, but Eve cannot imagine what will happen to her son if the truth comes out and that fear is what keeps her going day after day.

When Amy is found it is obvious there has been foul play and things are taken up a notch as the police start treating this as a murder investigation rather than an abduction. When things finally come to a head in the neighborhood and someone is arrested for murdering Amy, Eve knows that she must come clean and reveal the secret no matter the consequences.

This book will make you think long and hard about how far you would go to protect the people you love.


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