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Lucky Dog: Twelve Tales of Rescued Dogs

lucky dogLucky Dog from Scholastic is a heartwarming collection of sweet, fun and silly stories about the playful pups from the Pawley Rescue Center and the kids who fall in love with them.  Some of the stories are told from the canine’s perspective while others are told from the kid’s point of view.

With contributions from Randi Barrow, Marlane Kennedy, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Kirby Larson, C. Alexander London, Leslie Margolis, Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines-Stephens, Ellen Miles, Michael Northrop, Teddy Slater, Tui T. Sutherland, and Allan Woodrow, this fast-paced read is a great way to introduce stories of rescued dogs and the people who love them.

One of my favorite stories is about a Chihuahua named Pumpkin that falls in love with a little girl who has an eye patch named Rosa.  The opening story of a boy named Troy, who was trying to be brave while his father is deployed, is an uplifting tale as well.  There is also a great story about a Pomeranian, Foxtrot, that can’t be without its bear.  Lastly, the story of twin girls who compete between a bike and a puppy for their birthday – until one of the twins meets Tigger – warms the reader’s heart.

All proceeds from this item go to the organization RedRover. RedRover strives to bring animals from crisis to care.  I would add this to my collection today as a great way for kids to be introduced to rescuing animals.


Order in Bibz.


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