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Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

still life with bread crumbsWhether it be her wise and revealing nonfiction or her wonderfully warm novels, when Anna Quindlen publishes something it is reason to celebrate.  With her latest story we meet Rebecca Winter- once a highly celebrated photographer- who now shuns the spotlight and yearns for a quiet existence. Now that her income is significantly reduced Rebecca must find ways to save money and support her aging parents. Moving out of Manhattan and into a remote cabin seems like just the ticket, until Rebecca finally gets there. More rustic than she would have imagined, Rebecca begins to question her decision when she finds herself up against Mother Nature.

Enter Jim Bates, a local roofer and birdwatcher. Called to trap a pesky raccoon in Rebecca’s attic, Jim makes himself right at home which Rebecca finds extremely unsettling. This charming tale of how Rebecca comes into her own unfolds like a slow blooming rose. Only when she finally lets herself open to love and life does Rebecca realize that it’s all about taking chances even when they take you out of your comfort zone.

I really enjoyed the quiet eloquence of this tale and its life-affirming message. As always, Quindlen is a class act with her spot-on characterizations and celebration of the human condition. If you enjoy authors such as Elizabeth Berg and Anne Tyler this book is sure to please.

– Susan

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