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Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

lost lakeSarah Addison Allen has her first new book in three years with Lost Lake. Lost Lake begins with Kate, who has lost her husband in an accident a year ago, and she feels like she is finally waking back up. During the year, she was “asleep”, and her mother-in-law, Cricket, took over her life. Additionally, Cricket tried to turn Kate’s darling young daughter, Devin, into a stepford child.

Devin has a unique sense of style that Cricket tries to stamp out of her, and while Devin is going through an old set of fun quirky clothes, she finds a postcard from Eby Pim, Kate’s great-aunt. Kate’s mother had kept Eby Pim hidden from her since she was twelve, during the only summer she spent in Lost Lake.

Instead of following Cricket’s plan, Kate and Devin set out on an adventure to Lost Lake. They not only end up seeing Kate’s Great-Aunt Eby, but meeting a motley crew of characters as well. These characters are at Lost Lake, a now rundown resort, for a final hurrah since Eby is selling her land to a developer. What will become of all of the characters of Lost Lake? Will Kate finally find herself after this terrible loss?

This book had a different feel than Allen’s other works, probably because of Allen’s own battle with breast cancer. However, the layers of characters, emotions, and a bit of magic, will make this a must read. I would add this to my shelf today.


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