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The Way of All Fish by Martha Grimes

the way of all fishCandy and Karl, both hit men, are asked to get rid of a book agent named L. Bass Hess, for turning down a manuscript authored by the son of a mob boss. However, they decide not to take on the hit.

While Candy and Karl dine at a local restaurant, two other assassins come in and try to take out Hess. These assassins only accomplish the destruction of an enormous aquarium. While they are all trying to save the fish, Candy and Karl meet Cindy Sella.

They discover that Cindy is suffering from writer’s block due to a lawsuit that Hess filed against her. He is her ex-agent and is trying to receive a commission on her latest book that he doesn’t deserve credit for.

Candy and Karl prepare an elaborate scheme to get rid of Hess; the plan excludes Cindy, but still implicates many other people. Most of these people secure book deals with surprising results. Hess tries to sue all of them, but is unsuccessful. The team eventually gets Hess out of New York by assisting in his arrest for the illegal possession of an endangered Peppermint Angelfish.

This book- while serious in some ways- has many humorous and comical missteps that keep you guessing to the end. I would enjoy other books with Candy and Karl in them, so that I may continue to read about the comical ways they solve problems.


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