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The Visionist by Rachel Urquhart

the visionistThis is a story of a young girl named Polly who has been abused by her father. Eventually, he stoops so low as to actually threaten the lives of her mother and younger brother. Polly is determined to leave the farm where she grew up to protect her loved ones. She gathers them during the night to escape, only to accidentally set fire to the farm and kill her sleeping father.

Although her mother is not able to stay with them, Polly and her brother find safety among a Shaker community. While learning the ways of the Shakers, Polly is considered a Visionist during an unguarded moment of complete freedom. She feels safe and for the first time in her life she develops a friendship. These things don’t last for long as she discovers the consequences to the abuses she has endured and must depart from the community of Shakers.

I was saddened by the unfortunate situations that this young girl had to go through. I would love to read a sequel of The Visionist to see if she can continue to live a happy life and have a happy ending.


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