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Dream Animals by Emily Wingfield Martin

dream animalsIn a stunning collection of soft yet enticing illustrations, Emily Wingfield Martin takes us on a journey to our dreams. She creates a landscape in which children travel to their dreams via animals. Where these animals take them varies, but the end result is always a new adventure for a sleeping child.

Realizing Martin wrote and illustrated the story left me aghast. Her talent is evident in her beautiful imagery that parallels a dream state, but the story itself is also engaging and allows children to explore their imagination.

Dreams are such a mysterious entity for adults and children alike. Martin presents an exciting alternative to discovering how dreams could function through her illustrations and storyline. This is the perfect read for a bedtime story and one that will definitely become a staple in any household.


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One thought on “Dream Animals by Emily Wingfield Martin

  1. The illustration is beautiful I collect books still, long after my children have stopped reading picture books, they inspire me to keep working on my own ideas for books lovely post thank you.

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