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Somewhere in France: A Novel of the Great War by Jennifer Robson

somewhere in franceNot just another historical romance…

Elizabeth Ashford lives a lifestyle that she’s not totally comfortable with.  With war on the horizon, the servants and luxuries afforded to her become more than she can bear.  She wants to do more to help.  When her parents forbid her to join in the relief efforts, she sets off on her own.  She meets up with an old governess and goes to work on the bus line.

When the WAAC is formed, Lily joins and finds herself near the front line ferrying patients.  She ends up on a base with Robbie, her brother’s best friend with whom she had been corresponding with for some time.  They become closer in a place and time where the effects of war are all around.     Although Robbie tries to distance himself from Lily, he finds that is easier said than done.

This was a great piece of historical fiction that includes family struggles and the horrors of war tempered with the warmness of a gentle romance that may or may not be.

– Penny

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